DC Blogs Noted

Props to Parenting BY Dummies, who is Mrs. May in the 2011 Blogger Body Calendar. Proceeds go to benefit the National Eating Disorders Association.

Snarkshelf compares Christmas to Hanukkah… also informally known as “Wednesday”.

I’m having a hard time imagining a worse position to be in than playing referee for your parents’ make-up-break-up relationship… meanwhile, A Single Lady in DC is living it.

The Big Piece of Cake has realized her five year old actually “wears the pants”. Uh… figuratively, anyway, since he’s oftentimes not wearing any at all.

Date the District has some advice for getting through the holidays with family… a significant other’s family, to be precise.

Because I can’t seem to write a round up without including a heart-warm, here’s Feast After Famine‘s attempts at a family holiday photo.

Sword and the Script pens an excellent open letter of sorts to Dominion Power in regards to their social media strategy- or lack thereof. (Disclaimer: I snuck a wee heart-warm in with this one too.)