DC Blogs Noted

Barbara Diskin of Looking2Live describes the approach she takes to tutoring in math.  Or approaches.  Not surprisingly, she doesn’t have just one technique in her bag:  like all good teachers, she has a number of tools in her toolkit.

Central Michel Richard will be offering free samples for food testing. MetrocureanSee the post for details.

As part of his Every Murder Victim Has a Story, Dissenting Justice provides more detail than the two sentences in the Washington Post about the deaths of  Deangelo Bowman and Antonio Robertson.  Yesterday, Restaurant Refugee asked about a story that wasn’t covered in major media (and turned out to be a joke/fake)* whether news that isn’t covered by the mainstream media is really news.  Dissenting Justice looks at woefully undercovered stories, which are clearly still news.

The whole process of getting published involves a lot of rejection, as Skullcrusher Mountain details.  Jamy of Grateful Dating considers the problems involved in writing about the people in one’s life, describing her thoughts about a family memoir.

*The pat-down at the San Francisco Airport mentioned by Where the Girls Are and linked to in D.C. Blogs Noted yesterday:  it was humor (read:  fake).  The correction was posted in Where the Girls Are.