DC Blogs Noted

Date the District presents their argument for why “Why We’re Just Not That Into ‘He’s Just Not That Into You'”.

Think you know everything there is to know about Santa’s birthday? DC Urban Dad shares a few interesting and generally unknown nuggets about Christmas.

UrbanTurf DC takes an end of the year, section-by-section look at the development in NoMa.

While Metro DC Mom Blog admits she’s abstaining from sending a traditional holiday card for reasons relating to laziness more than being environmentally conscious, her tips on how to make your holiday card green still stand.

Bitches Who Brunch has a guide for ladies’ attire at the office holiday party, with emphasis on looking “festive and trendy, but still conservative enough to bag that promotion the following Monday”.

Rude Cactus wishes he could be a green commuter, but his argument for why he can’t take public transportation is pretty convincing, if you ask me.

After catching the giggles when(ever) she hears the word “boner”, Sarah and the Goon Squad has decided she’ll never grow up. To this I say: “Duty”.