DC Blogs Noted

If you don’t want me to call 911, don’t park in front of my house, writes In Shaw.

Elizabeth Edwards life inspired this post by Foggy Dew who tells of his family history and of lives well lived.

Like My Hat? Maybe. But you may like the photos. Peace Love Nicole.

The Hill is Home takes exception to a New York Times assessment that junk food is taking over the neighborhood. The post is titled: New York Also Thinks DC Looks Fat In Those Pants.

Insult to Injury is a story about skin cancer surgery. Alice’s Adventures Underground.

The saga of Rebel Heroes and the birth of Big Cheese. The food truck business is in transition in Arlington, as ARL Now reports.

Beyond DC calls mayor-elect Vince Gray’s decision to replace DDOT Director Gabe Klein extremely disappointing.

Frozen Tropics writes: 2010: The Year of the Fish Taco? This debate may carry into next year.