DC Blogs Noted

From the breaking news desk of the Ode Street Tribune: At approximately 3:53 pm EDT on Dec. 10, a hawk swooped down on a squirrel feeding peacefully in Fort Myer Heights Park. Photos of the hawk by the Trib’s reporter.

Using WikiLeaks may be hazardous to your job prospects with the federal government, according to GWU, when sent out a warning to students in a graduate program. FoBoBlo has the memo.

District Citizen Cycling combines biking and art, and includes some photos of the trip, including the arts fair at Domku Cafe in Petworth.

Good Hope, Anacostia has some issues with, ‘A City Divided,’ a project by the American University School of Communication’s graduate journalism program. Good Hope writes: I have an issue with the fact that “A City Divided” reinforces a really overused trope about DC. I also have an issue that they screwed with the geographic boundaries—both social and technical—in the city. Related: an interview with the editor of A City Divided discusses the criticism. DC Centric.

We Love DC tells us about a play, Wife Swappers, and writes: The acting is all well done, which I’d call no small achievement. I’m not sure what would be harder – inhabiting a casually callous person or doing it in your underwear – or less – within a foot of the front row.

The Palisades calls Shakespeare Theater’s Candide an absolutely, fantastic production.

Outsmarted. Kids are always smarter than we think. sandblower