DC Blogs Noted

Hilarity in Shoes gives (appropriately hilarious) advice to the ladies on how NOT to purchase a used car.

Dogs and Wine opens up about her falling out with her mother, and a belief in second (and nineteenth) chances. She calls it playing the fool… and I hope she’s wrong.

Capitol Hill Style has a non-traditional holiday tradition; everyone chooses the exact present they’re given. Thoughts?

Who am I to mess with such a perfectly succinct title: “Why no guys want to date me because apparently it’s like I have a penis” via Date Me, D.C.!

Have you thought about making a holiday music mix this year? Sprite Writes has a great “how to” for you.

And because I truly am unable to do a round up without a heart-warm, Feast After Famine talks about being “beautifully different” with her six year old daughter… and means it.