DC Blogs Noted

Retail employees blogging about their more*ahem* colorful customers is as old as the medium itself… yet, we somehow never tire of it. Malnurtured Snay’s rant about bookstore customers, the holidays, and too many quirks is another well written and delightfully snarky addition to that list.

On at least one occasion in this space, this contributing editor has referred to Lemon Gloria as a “Mommy Blogger” (in my defense, I did qualify that assessment.) Her latest post about *ahem* creative ways to stay warm in this weather should forever make clear the error of my judgment.

Date the District takes on the familiar dating tome – You always find something when you’re not looking. There is mocking, begrudging acceptance, and even some advice too.

The DC Sports Pundit casts the latest Washington Football misfortune as a Five Act Tragedy.

From the “Walking Down Memory Lane” Desk at DC Blogs…

The F Your Blog blog was a rather short-lived site that took direct aim at bloggers who took themselves just a touch too seriously. The Ode to Retiring Bloggers is perhaps most emblematic of that mission.

As the winter’s winds blow through the air, being single can start to feel like a pre-existing condition. Seems like a good time to familiarize ourselves with a concept that Sexy, Single and Celibate termed Skin Hungry.