DC Blogs Noted

The author of In Shaw (the historically gentrified blog) found that advice given to a stranger about i-Phone safety was given about as much heed as most unsolicited advice to strangers.

Meanwhile, CommuterPageBlog solicits competitors in Capital Bikeshare’s Winter Weather Warrior contest.

Carlos in DC had two blogs deleted by Blogger, which means Google. Read about it here. His blog can now be found here.

Being three hours late to work because there was a suspicious package that turned out to be a battery-powered Christmas ornament that caused the Pentagon station to be shut down didn’t make the author of Business, Casual happy, especially since she got no direction from Pentagon or Metro officials.

Jacob Siegel writes about Poverty, Race & the Grocery Store on the DC Food for All blog.

Why do some people want marriage and other’s don’t? This question is pondered in I Wanna Sing Like Sarah “Sassy” Vaughan .

Princess Sparkle Pony’s Photo Blog declares it open season on Michael Steele.