DC Blogs Noted

Hey, you know what’s better than snow? Air travel during snow. Candy Sandwich details an inauspicious start to a long trip.

Listen to Leon, with an unorthodox take on another one of those dead-celebrity-who’s-not-actually-dead memes.

I don’t usually associate the holiday season with gardening; that seems like sort of a spring thing to me. But Metro DC Lawn and Garden Blog proves me wrong with a Christmas chestnut from a green-thumb point of view.

Remember being a kid and loving the idea of snow? Yeah, as Not Enough Tequila in the World reminds us, it’s nowhere near as much fun for adults.

The days are painfully short this time of year, but the winter solstice is almost upon us, which will (thankfully) reverse that trend. The Gold Puppy counts the moments until the tipping point.

A happy birthday to Sarah of Sarah and the Goon Squad, who meditates on the occasion of turning 38.

And to close us out on the day after the snow, Borderstan collected some of the best snow posts from last year’s winter debacles. Here’s hoping we can keep those stories the special, once-in-a-generation events they were (and never speak of them again).