DC Blogs Noted

If you’re not following City Girl Blogs’ journey to beating- yes, beating breast cancer, you should be. This beautiful, raw, inspiring post shows why.

Bitches Who Brunch give us a run-down of their favorite contestants for Christmas brunch. While they aren’t cheap, they do sound delicious.

CommuterPageBlog has some great, simple tips on how to (better) Zipcar.

When a friend gets the ring before she does, Missing the Point is at least honest with herself (and her blog) about her green-eyed feelings.

While Modern Domestic misses the joy of working with other professionals in a bakery (as her place of work closed recently), her homemade cookie boxes- and the readers who are buying them- help to keep her sane.

The Dumping Ground worked so hard to better their Logan Circle neighborhood that they gentrified themselves right out of being able to afford living there.

I’ve gotten quite a few ridiculous PR pitches via my own blog, but none quite so insensitive as a pregnancy-product review… to an infertility blogger(via Stirrup Queens)