DC Blogs Noted

The Bitches Who Brunch sampled the offerings at Granville Moore’s brunch and found it anything but middling. GM’s occupies a metaphorical space between rustic, high-end, and neighborhood, and does it with great aplomb.

WMATA is now – through their uniformed police force – exercising a prerogative to inspect the bags of passengers entering the metro system. The latest post at Greater, Greater Washington outlines a multitude of flaws with this particular brand of security theater.

Concussions have been rather prominent among the running themes of the current football season. Sport Sense explores this issue through the specific context of professional football player Austin Collie… he suffered his third concussion of the season last Sunday.

Chances are good that there is at least one person on your gift list who enjoys adult libations. If you have not yet acquired a gift for her/him, The Hill is Home has a Gift Guide for the Drinker that may be of particular use to you.

You may have heard that the DC Medical Examiner has finally issued a ruling in the death of the guy who died after throwing a brick threw the window of DC9 (and was subsequently beaten by members of the bar’s staff.) The death is a homicide, the bar has reopened, and the prosecutors aren’t clear about their desire/ability to prosecute anyone. U Street Girl has collated the details and offered some thoughts too.

Doctor Moxie has no Christmas Spirit and explains why.