DC Blogs Noted

Penguin poo smells bad, but Antarctica is great, according to Candy Sandwich.

Red Nose contemplates attending Midnight Mass, recalling a family history.

The GLAA Forum posts a clip of Dan Choi getting his U.S. Military Academy ring back from Harry Reid.

Computer Blues Posterous posts a list of reasons one might want to consider using ZipCar.

Mean Louise makes a wonderful (and so often true, true, true) observation:  people who most loudly profess that they have good manners — implied correlation, that other people don’t have good manners — usually don’t.*

Sometimes a possibly almost empty glass is way more than half full, as this client of Bread for the City describes in Beyond Bread.

*Read this, if only for the image of MeanLouise’s clearly delightful mother getting ready to rumble with the RabidGrannies.

Dear Readers: We will be taking a break through the New Year, although there is a possibility of a random post here and there. On behalf of all the editors at DCBlogs, best wishes for the holidays — kob.