DC Blogs Noted

WashingTina laments the new lows reached by television these days… and her inability to look away.

In the season of goal-setting, aspiration and perpetual hope, Lagniappe offers a strategy to keep the “happy” in your new year.

At I’m So Blogging This (dot com), we’re reminded that there’s nothing like moving to remind you that, good grief, you really do have a lot of stuff.

Man, did our local boys do us proud in the Winter Classic! Your humble editor watched with pride on TV, but The OMB’s Lawnwas there. A hockey lover’s road trip, in words and pictures.

Vince Gray was inaugurated as DC’s sixth elected mayor this weekend. That Kellie Girl brings us pictures from the celebration and reminders of the challenges ahead.

Being one of those DC residents who came here from somewhere else, I kept my Saints loyalty instead of converting to the Redskins. But trust me, I understand the feelings of frustration and anger that come with a losing season. Marathon’s Mistress sums up the complex cocktail that was being a Redskins fan in 2010.

And once again, pretty pictures to sum up. Snow and champagne from The Art of Accessories. Happy 2011, y’all!