DC Blogs Noted

Capitol Hill 20210 has some good news following her mother’s stroke: her mother has started eating again and is working on talking. Now everyone, go call your Mom and talk to her now.

What do you do when there really does seem to be a security event going on? RudeCactus describes his reaction, with children in tow, to a non-event that seemed like something more near the Capitol Building.

Metro-Venture reviews riding on Boston’s T, especially its Green Line.

In honor of International Blog Delurking Week (who knew?), Stirrup Queens is offering a prize or two to those who delurk and make a comment. Come on. You can do it.

Date the District offers some advice about online dating if you’re looking for a relationship rather than a hookup. My question is about the picture used with the post. Since when has Julian Assange been on OKCupid?

And here’s a sweet post by Stimeyland, shaking people down for money, but in the process showing exactly what the money will support. That’s a hockey team for kids with developmental disabilities, the Montgomery Cheetahs. The pictures accompanying the post were a delight too. If NPR wrote such sweet fundraising letters, I’d be giving to them all the time. So cough up the spare change in the couch.