DC Blogs Noted

Wild and Crazy Pearl shares the photographs of her very first birth story photo assignment. Incredible photos capture a wonderful scene. In her note to the new baby girl, she writes: It was tough for me to take photos during the last few minutes of your delivery and right after you arrived because I was crying behind my camera.

PunditMom worries about the “language of violence” infecting politics.

The Underground Doors Are Not Like Elevator Doors: An Illustration, and might we add, wonderful illustrations. Saltieness.

Brutalism finally fills her blog’s “About Me” with her own story, the post: Me Me Me ME ME Me Me.

DC Reflections tells of the Renwick Gallery’s Japanese internment camp art show and the impact it had on him. He writes in part: A drawing on a piece of notebook-sized paper stopped me in my tracks: I saw a man falling to the ground with bullet wounds as he tried to reach through a barbed wire fence to rescue a stray dog. The man, I read in the accompanying text, was deaf. He did not hear the American military police office ordering him to put his arms back inside the fence.

Fast Indian food, Merzi, arrives in the neighborhood. Penn Quarter Living.