DC Blogs Noted

Did you take part in “No Pants Metro Ride 2011”? SnarkInfested has a photo montage if you missed it.

Stimeyland is in a heated battle against perfect strangers… strangers she despises with a fiery (and hilarious) passion.

An open letter to men everywhere who have pulled The Great Disappearing Act (you know the one I mean. Yes, you do), from Mascara & Microchips.

Congratulations to Sean’s Ramblings on his blog’s sixth (!) birthday.

I Spy Things DC almost had me in tears as she poetically laments the Christmas carnage littering the curbs of DC.

Wonderful advice on how to extricate yourself from an “emotional cheating” situation, from D(ating). C.

As a once-upon-a-time JAP herself (self-proclaimed!), Snarkshelf analyzes the impending arrival of the “Jewish American Princess” answer to Jersey Shore.

The Average Blogger may think her perspective on the Tucson tragedy is just white noise in the background of many, but I wholeheartedly disagree. Check it out.