DC Blogs Noted

According to Everyone I Know is Ridiculous the “coupled girlfriend” is prone to inviting single friends on three-wheeled dates that beg for strong booze and swift endings. The “Single Girlfriend” however is a Wing-Woman, a Flirting Savant, and Tough-Love Giving Bestie.

We (the collective of the blogosphere) all judge… and Lemon Gloria will judge you harshly if your bumper-sticker offends her sensibilities while your driving offends rules of the urban road.

The Edited Life wishes to remind you (and offers a primer on the best ways) to Back Up Your Data! Ed. Note: the emphasis was mine as this subject is a little personal for me right now… say, did any of you happen to find a backpack in a cab Friday night?

It took about five minutes after news of the attack on Rep. Giffords for the punditocracy to protest too much, or point fingers too easily. Always a Drunk, Never a Bride takes issue with the left and the right, but mostly with the false equivalence between their extremes.

General Shout Out #1: Zack Morris Cellphone is a blog that delightful muses and sometimes skewers the era of parachute pants, day-glo Barbie dolls, pastel silk shirts and other things both regrettable (and occasionally delightful) about coming of age in the 80s and 90s.

General Shout Out #2: Awkward Sex and the City has never failed to make me laugh… and when that can happen even well after 2am on hour 48 without sleep, it earns a shout out. Oh, and you might want to read about her Penis Envy.