DC Blogs Noted

Smells Like Sunshine offers a little looky-loo into what she does for her day job. It involves, apparently, eating British foods, including a milk chocolate snack called “Digestives,” along with Shandy, a drink that mixes beer with lemonade.

A cautionary tale: Waking up to carbon monoxide. Life a bit Sweeter.

Is this appopriate? Capitol Hill 20210 writes: I was asked by this new female boss “Are you a vampire?”

Why are people so disappointed when DC reality TV fails? i spy things DC

A box of bad news (and a little snow as well a clever license plate). No limit, just a line.

Things I Love About Prince George’s County. Brunch Bird. Possibly sarcasm.

Capitol Bites tries out the new restaurant, Smith Commons, on H Street and reports good burgers.

The Phillips Collection will have its grand reopening this weekend and is offering free admission, writes Capitol Rundown. Phillips Collection details.

Editor’s note: We will be returning on Tuesday.