DC Blogs Noted

Teabelly writes about Bill Mitchell, who was murdered on his way home to Bloomingdale after seeing a performance at the Shakespeare Theater. Teabelly heard the noise, and until this murder belived most shootings were gang-related.

He did what i would have done. he did what my friends would have done; on his way home from a play at the shakespear theater with his mom, he saw a woman in distress and he tried to help her. i have done this a number of times. most of the people i know in this city have seen this stuff and reacted similarly. his “Good Samaritan” instincts got him killed.

Jadxia tries the polar bear plunge, and writes: I’m glad I did it. I don’t think I want to do that a second time ever.

Check Out Those Booties – O St, NW. Curator of DC Style.

All I’ve accomplished this month: not getting cancer. Alice’s Wonderland describes her doctor’s visit.

Wal-Mart’s business model gets reviewed by the Grassroots Media Project, which writes: Evidence suggests that most Walmart employees are just barely making ends meet.

Justice Kagan may be house shopping in Logan Circle. 14th & You.

The Not-So-Secret (and Profitable) World of DC’s Short-Term Rental Market. Urban Turf