DC Blogs Noted

The Sequined Blazer is written by two twenty-somethings that offer fashion advice – whether it is recommending how to mix and match work and play clothes, or their latest post about vintage clothing, this is definitely an entertaining and fashionably informative read.

Due to the frigid January temperatures, it is a great time of year to stay in and host dinner parties.  Check out Eat With Me to find out some great tips for hosting your next dinner party.

The Prince of Petworth sat down this week with the man behind the development of the new Safeway planned for Petworth.

Cupcakes and Shoes is reminded what it is like to date a man with southern manners, but also reminded of the feeling when a guy is “just is not that into you.”

There is a strong movement to install solar panels on cooperatives and condos in Washington. Solar Power in DC has been tracking this effort. This is a vital topic and an informative blog that provides cogent analysis on the underlying policy issues. It writes, in part: .. In this vacuum of leadership and vision we expect the Solar Coops, the DC-based installers and solar industry and other key stakeholders to join together to design a program that propels DC to national headlines. We would like extensive solar, affordable solar and accessible solar.