DC Blogs Noted

Sandra Lee’s television show is regarded by many in the culinary world (this contributing editor included) as what it would look like if one of the Kardahshians cooked. The author of the So Good food blog bucks that trend and is standing In Defense of Sandra Lee.

There were a lot of State of the Union recaps posted on Tuesday, but none struck quite the same tone as a father preemptively explaining the SOTU to his sick child. Well done, Rudecactus, well done.

The world has yet to determine whether the proliferation of Social Coupon sites will be more like internet book sales or internet ice cream sales. However, as we watch their daily evolution, Urban Bohemian relates a story of one restaurant’s substantive modification because of coupon sales.

The arc of a love affair can bend towards many different endings. For the heartbreaker behind I’m Gonna Break Your Heart, one particular arc bent towards a business meeting and wondering if anyone else in the room noticed “the hug.”

Lest you think that your commute home was really bad, perhaps you should read Alice’s Wonderland’s not so wondrous trip home in yesterday’s snow bedraggled rush hours.