DC Blogs Noted

From a random Internet stopover, Feast After Famine is reminded of all the small moments that she wants to freeze in time forever.

The very concept of Foursquare has always kinda weirded me out – seems a little stalker-enabling to me. Wherethegirlsgo discusses a new satirical “alibi” service, which may be more real than its creators intended…

I’ve heard of “fat and happy,” but is it real? Diana at In It to Gym Itcontemplates whether new love causes, um, expansion of the waistline.

Being a lawyer and a divorcee, I cannot endorse this post enough! (It’s not legal advice though. They make me say that.) Girls Just Wanna Have Funds distills some lessons from Steve Harvey’s recent marital breakdown. (And guys, don’t tune out – this stuff applies to you too.)

Getting home Wednesday night (or in a lot of cases, Thursday morning) was… well, it involved language that I won’t use on the front page of this esteemed blog. I’ll leave the venom to Where’s My Cape?, who sums it up nicely.

Thundersnow wasn’t just a debacle for commuters, but for travelers too. Laura E. Donovan shares a story of airport delays, as well as the unexpected camaraderie they can cause.

All right, enough bitterness over the snow. Pretty picture time! Dogs & Wine, who is thrilled to the gills with all the winter weather, shares her photographic bliss with us. Funny; it almost looks pleasant and beautiful this way…