DC Blogs Noted

Alice’s Adventures Underground used the recent snow day as an excuse to introduce her kids to the traditional South American drink, Mate Dulce. It definitely inspires me to do something with that half-full bag of shredded coconut that’s been in the freezer forever.

After a heartbreaking and ever-so-slightly comical play of events, Find Rosie, Er, Elsie is coping with yet another failed attempt to capture an on-the-run dog that seems to really enjoy life on the streets.

Edatrix takes an opportunity to remind us all of something that we should have learned by Kindergarten, but sadly, some people have not.

A couple of photogenic acorn squash make a nice soup, according to District of Chic and her uniquely spicy recipe.

Javamom at Caffeine and a Prayer has a skeleton in her pantry and she wants you to help her figure out what it is and where it came from.