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Some might call it economic morality, or corporate welfare, or the logical extension of free market forces in a society that worships at the altar of football. For Bohemian Yankee in the Capital, however, last Sunday’s Super Bowl was the archetype of a bridge too far.

Most Washingtonians have passed by the little stone house on Constitution Avenue and have probably done so with little thought to what it is and why it’s there. Thanks to this explanation from Monumental Thoughts, we have a new factoid in our intellectual arsenal – a Canal to the US Capitol, who knew?

Haunting and familiar, oddly soothing and painful, full of pride and steeped in humility, those are the hallmarks of Not So Linear’s writing. The parent and the child have swapped roles – it’s easy to read but far from easy reading.

The blogger behind Midnight Train to DC has added a rather large dog to her nuclear family. Welcome to Tock, a six year old Siberian Huskie, and good luck to his owners for all of the adjustments.

This contributing editor is an ardent fan of the Metro-Ventures blog if for no other reason than the fact that it allows longtime residents to view the area through the eyes of one regional explorer of the WMATA network (no histrionics included.) Her latest – two versions of Alexandria, what a difference a stop makes.

From the things-to-do desk at DC Blogs

DC Film Festival from New to DC: Tips and Tricks for the District’s Newbies.

Solo on Valentine’s Day? At least you can get free PBR from Frozen Tropics