DC Blogs Noted

Post Requiems on Valentine’s Day:

Hilarity in Shoes had a Valentine but was a little confused with the process.

Pamela’s Punch was single but not solo, and maybe a bit cranky about it.

Stymieland had date night with the husband (thanks to visiting babysitter, very good directions, and a fire department that didn’t come.)

A brief treatise on the evolution of Dr. Dre and Ice Cube from counter culture rap stars to Dr. Pepper pitchman and Actor/Producer from the intrepid Alyssa Rosenberg.

DCFemella makes a compelling case that attacking funding for public broadcasting isn’t a partisan issue.

Grassroots Media Project released their interview with the legendary godfather of go-go Chuck Brown. Lately the word icon is used a bit too casually for this contributing editor’s taste, but few applications are more appropriate than describing the recent Grammy nominee as such.