DC Blogs Noted

Every woman knows how great it is to find that perfect purse.  But Cosmopolitan Conservative goes a step further with the concept that a good purse can also bring together women with different political views.  At the other end of the extreme, Unbreakable Man Laws talks about the importance for men to “build” things.  Insert grunt sound here.

This next blog by Hyperbole and a Half is nothing but hilarious.  And the pictures will make you fall out of your seat laughing.  At least that is what I did when I read it.

New to DC?  Still confused why there is a 14th and K NW,  14th and K NE, 14th and K SW, and 14th and K SE?   You are not alone.  This week So you are New to DC explains how the quadrants work and what is unique about each of them.

Writers have come out of the wood work with the ability to blog and capture new online audiences.  DC Blogs is a perfect example of this.  But one thing that we forget is that as the Internet grows, ipads and kindles become the new norm, bookstores are taking a hit.  This is the reality for Malnurtured Snay.