DC Blogs Noted

A dose of 1970s nostalgia that’s equal parts funny and depressing from I can hear you bitching…

More commentary on the fact that Watson made the humans look bad on Jeopardy! the other night, this time from Manifest Destiny, who speculates on where we as humanity can go (and can’t go) from here.

The uprisings in Tunisia got a great deal of press last month, introducing us to a part of the world that most of us didn’t really know before. French Twist D.C. shows us the tourist side of the country, one that much of the world already appreciates.

As a firm believer in the extreme special-ness of birthdays, be they milestones or otherwise, I ADORE the attitude behind this list of birthday decrees at Liz in Law [School].

Being a blogger, I read this rumination from Rude Cactus on the state of blogging with more than a little concern. I rather dig this hobby; is it already passe?

Buppie The Blog has a confession to make, one that perhaps plenty of us in our late twenties/early thirties can easily (if somewhat ashamedly) understand…

Our cautionary tale/PSA this go-round comes from Fresh Muddy Waters: mixing allergy pills, alcohol and interactions with law enforcement can lead to some… interesting side effects.

And finally, I’m being a little self-centered with today’s pretty pictures, because these are pretty pictures of my spiritual home: New Orleans. Thanks, MirellaMcCracken, for the reminder of why I know what it means to miss this place…