DC Blogs Noted

According to the Cosmology of Reya there are “star people” hovering above us in the skies of DC; I on the other hand, just see an amazing sunset.

Resisting a dessert is something I’m not good at, but resisting a gorgeous food photo is something I’m really incapable of. Keep It Simple Foods gives us a recipe for a new treat and some pictures that are worthy of a magazine.

This image from One Photograph A Day makes me nostalgic for the already gone spring-like days of last week, jealous of my former grad school self that could lounge on any of the gorgeous steps along 16th Street on a weekday afternoon, and happy that it’s theoretically only a few more weeks until we’re all taking moments to bask in the sun like this girl.

The Pint Glass has two words for you: Beer Chips. Not beer and chips, but Beer Chips.

Assorted Stuff raises the issue of teacher-bloggers and the manner in which they discuss their students in their own private internet rants. This is something that has always caused me to raise an eyebrow; reading on Facebook or overhearing negative anecdotes about other peoples’ students is typically cringeworthy at best and head-shakingly sad at worst (in my opinion). I’m glad it’s not just me who feels this way.

Date Me, DC ponders the most elusive and mysterious state of being in the dating world: exclusivity.