DC Blogs Noted

Sometimes, we need a reminder that it’s okay to love ourselves, and today, PositivelyPresent takes a moment to explain loving yourself can lead to loving others.

Maybe always being the bridesmaid isn’t so bad, after all? Hilarity In Shoes talks about her experiences with two separate weddings… the kind you would expect to find in an Owen Wilson Movie.

Speaking of movies,  AreSeven has posted a review the short films that are up for Oscar nods this year.

District Chocoholic serves up a rather tastey sounding treat, complete with a creative way to present it as a pretty awesome edible bouquet.

While we’re on the subject of chocolate-y cravings, Dealing in Subterfuges whips up a recipe for a cookie that might bring even the most devoute dieter to her knees.

Smiles in the City lets us in on the “not-so-secret-secret” cool new neighborhood: H st NE.

And finally, Go Backpacking shares the colorful experience of visiting Japan, and the importance of being able to just let go and have a good time.