DC Blogs Noted

Eh, Forget Anonymity Pie Pants The only thing needed here is a photo, the essential facts and a clever title to wrap it up, which is what this post delivered: A boy, 8 1lbs 4.5 oz. Congratulations! Also Noted: Missing the Bethesda Giant after a move to DC. For whatever reason, grocery shopping in the District seems to have always left something to be desired. To those readers who live in the heart of the city — where do you do your food shopping? A review of Merkado Kitchen as well, at Human Voices Wake Us and We Drown. DC resident Madam Mayo, writer, poet, translator, writes about the Washington Independent Writers Conference next month, where she will be participating on a panel. DC Dark and Dirty is the title of a post by Hebdomeros, who writes about the misperceptions people have of this city. He also discusses the book, D.C. Noir. A Silver Spring community blog, The Silver Spring Scene is reporting about a wide range of issues in the community. It’s the second local blog that’s appeared, Silver Spring Singular is another, although that blog hasn’t updated in a month. Photos from the protest against Central Union Mission’s proposed move to Georgia Avenue at Petworth News. Playing Tourist Downtown. Nice photo work at Scraps of Ami. District Dirt believes the Metro would be cleaner if it didn’t have carpets. ColdKiwi, a very different and cool blog name, is the new name for the The Back of the Napkin. This Alexandria-based writer offers up a mix of comments on his community and national topics as well. Some observations about the Alexandria school board. Soccer blog by I-66, Quarter Volley. It’s Official: My Son Dan Is a Lawyer, writes Looking2Live This is by us is a group blog that invites people to post and promises to split advertising revenue generated by the site. This is a new effort and the content isn’t all that DC-specific yet, but its publisher, in note, said more relevant content is on its way. About Bambu Restaurant in the Palisades and others in the modern pan-Asian theme, at the Big Persimmon. Learning the hard way. New condo owner discovers she didn’t get the full story, from a WaPo online discussion excerpted by The Housing Bubble in Washington DC.