DC Blogs Noted

When the weather is miserable, human kindness tends to be the first casualty after your morning paper and any suede in the area. Thankfully, The Blarney Crone ran into a couple of local Good Samaritans who defied that cosmic rule.

Even though the result can’t ever approximate the original, displaced Gulf Coast babies always appreciate the effort a lot of DC folks make to recreate Mardi Gras in our fair metro area. Mistopia shares the story of a good-hearted office celebration of Fat Tuesday.

Purchasing appliances is a milestone within and of itself, but sometimes the act signifies much more than that. At I Wanna Sing Like Sarah “Sassy” Vaughan, SLS reflects on the changes her particular appliances bring.

For those who don’t know, a mastiff is a big, big dog. The size is no deterrent to Lemon Gloria; she went into this with an open mind. But she may not have considered one not-so-small side effect of owning a big, big dog…

OK, this one has it all: something to do on a rainy day, a killer recipe, and many, many pretty pictures of food. I am in LOVE. (And also hungry.) I give you the Bacon and Spinach Tart, courtesy of Mango & Tomato.

Everyone has that one teenage story that still conjures up a cringe when the memory is triggered. Parenting By Dummies shares a doozy of a teenage awkward story, featuring a soundtrack by the vaunted and inimitable Kris Kross. Yeah, Gen X-ers; you know you love it.

And finally, adventures in daytime television advertising with Yeah… I Said It. Who knew there were so many interesting characters trying to improve your life between segments of Judge Judy?