DC Blogs Noted

It’s that time of year again! That’s right! It’s Girl Scout Cookie time! If you’re not fortunate to have a friend or co-worker trying help their kid sell the most cookies ever, The DCist has the skinny on where you can go to get your thin mint fix.

Alice’s Adventures Underground reflects on her daughter’s impression of her, after reading over a school project.

Spring is in the air, and Washington Gardener has some beautiful snaps of the winning display from the Washington Home and Garden Show.

After realizing such a specialized skill set might be a hindrance, Everyone I know is Ridiculous reflects on post-college aspirations.

50 Cent wants to be a serious actor? Average Bro ponders the rappers new role after reviewing the film’s trailer.

It’s lovely weather for ducks… The Green Miles has some video of the flooding that occurred at Great Falls Park due to all the rain that fell last week.

Finally,  Assorted Stuff takes a look at the recent attitude towards teacher’s salaries, and the overall future of the country.