DC Blogs Noted

Awkward Sex and the City likes to iron in her skivvies which is just one of the things she shares with her mother. It leads her to the obvious question: how much is too much?

When your Mardis Gras recap describes the beignets as having “So much powdered sugar, it looked like breakfast at Charlie Sheen’s house,” yes, your going to get a mention in this round-up. Strangers Laugh at Me had a good time.

The eponymous blogger Charlcie is a relatively recent cancer survivor, and she is experiencing “Guilt, Anger, [and thinking things will] Never be the Same.”

The Prince of Petworth delves into the morass of neglect and history that plagues the old Wonderbread Factory at 7th and S streets, NW.

In the wake of unspeakable tragedies in Japan, Jenny’s Blog, contemplates what can motivate charitable giving and whether motivations matter.

A Couple of Shout-Outs

Because this contributing editor is a sucker for serial blogs (and maybe trying to assuage some guilt too,) Capitol Catholic merits a shout-out. The blog chronicles the author’s efforts to visit every Catholic Church in DC.

TA (aka Testy Ardvarks, aka TndA) is “in a family way, knocked up, great with child” and writing about it. Congratulations from all of us at DC Blogs.