DC Blogs Noted

We usually count on Unsuck DC Metro for ranting and commiseration about the state of our beleaguered public transit system. But this time, here’s a personal take on the horrors that the Japanese people face, as well as a link to ways you can help with the relief efforts.

When like-minded bloggers meet, especially in our cozy little social-media-friendly neck of the woods, good things happen. Sassy Marmalade spreads a little joy by praising her clique of bloggy Gamma Girls.

I get that cupcakes are kinda neat. However, things are going a bit too far. Once, I Googled “DC pancakes” and got results for “DC cupcakes.” That’s bad enough. But this, courtesy of Decidedly Uncomplicated, is where I draw the line. This. Trend. Must. End.

On the day when even the non-Irish pretend to be Irish, history seems to fall by the wayside in favor of beer, green shirts and carousing. But I Spy Things DC reminds us that there’s a little bit of history at play when one is faced with all this Irish nationalism. Interesting considerations, especially for this Anglo-Irish girl…

Not Enough Tequila in the World brings us a really unique – and totally fun – take on ethnic holidays. Next year, I am so doing this.

And finally, pretty pictures of food. Today’s offering: donuts, thanks to Silver Spring Daily Photo. Make the Homer Simpson joke of your choice here.