DC Blogs Noted

“Is that bread pudding in there, or a baby?” A Clever Title Goes Here tells you the deal.

Teabelly shares the news of Hole In The Sky Collective’s impending move to Eckington.

In more new-to-the-neighborhood news, The Heights Life suspects that a DSW is coming to Columbia Heights. I love a shoe store that’s so large it requires you to wear comfy shoes just to browse all the aisles.

Absurd Reality tells us that an ironic t-shirt alone does not constitute the makings of a hipster. It’s only part of the equation

For Candy Sandwich, having red hair is something that sets her apart; she shares some red-headed facts and musings in her post about this vibrant hair color.

Washington Glass School posts their Spring and Summer class schedule: one class even includes a design-and-build-your-own-fixture component at a fantastic value.

And finally, Be Present Photos is confused by the spelling of a DC neighborhood; I am, too, and I live there.