DC Blogs Noted

Have you seen this woman? A young mother and wife left her Adams Morgan home on Monday morning heading for work… and then she disappeared. Please look at the pictures and see if you can help.

[Ed. Note: While double checking this post before publishing, news that Emily has been located appeared on the Facebook page dedicated to finding her.  Too many bloggers, and tweeters helped sound the social media alarm on this for them to be mentioned in this forum, we wish that we could give everyone the shout-outs they deserve.]

The rapper/singer/assaulter-of-girlfriend Chris Brown went on Good Morning America to promote his new album. When asked about his prior troubles with the law, he left the set and got all musician cliché on his dressing room. The once and future DC Blogger Average Jane has some interesting (and probably not what you’d expect) ruminations on the episode and Rhianna.

Snarkinfested has a pictorial post on the Circus Coming to Town and no, that’s not a euphemism for anything.

It may seem like just a wonkish political story about one of DC’s many regulatory bodies… but The Georgetown Dish makes it clear that anyone who cares about booze ought to care about Resignations and Ethics at ABRA.

U Street Girl alerts us to one of the lesser known hallmarks of spring in DC.

-the fooler initiative- discovers that when she slides down the fluid scale of sexuality, her patterns with men are her patterns with women too.