DC Blogs Noted

Something isn’t right about car ads in the Metro, according to the The Blond Menance in her new blog, The Ramifications of Being Blonde. She writes: … it’s not enough to plaster the sides of a Metro car with McDonalds adds, now Lexus and Lincoln have begun advertising from within the dank and dark depths of the mysterious tunnels beneath DC. Attends screening of Dreamwork’s latest children’s film, Over the Hedge, due to open May 19, and notices 3 guys in suits. We pick up the report: … and at least two of them had on earpieces, and they kept roaming the theatre during the movie. We actually thought they were going to come and say something to us because we were eating outside food inside the theatre … from Kat’s World. She also has info about how to get tickets to free screenings. Alligators on a Party Barge is a new blog, which introduced itself in a note this way: Still figuring out what happens when we press this button, but we talk about CVS-brand plastic ponchos, menfolk vs. golf course wildlife, the L2 bus, and the West Wing finale. Three girls and one blogwhat could possibly go wrong? Spicy Stuff, a vegetarian and VA resident, demonstrates his new camera. A very good photo of what happens when you put Mentos in Diet Coke at The VA Lounge. Just found this one. Regarding immigration: something about this whole debate troubles me, writes I-495. Check out his link. The Boy finds a new line of work and gets a business card, too. DC Urban Family. The dice boot at Another Point of Singularity NBC4 has started a series profiling local bloggers. The project is led by Scott, a reporter for the station who has already met many of the local bloggers at the happy hours organized by Kathryn and I-66. Here’s the first profile of someone named kob. Another profile of someone else may be shown tonight. dcblogs.com/live