DC Blogs Noted

Cindy Sheehan on her cell phone outside of Busboys and Poets trying to reach her boyfriend, reports And I Am Not Lying, For Real, who shares his revelations. Men: Pregnancy, Women: Sharks. An original take on the differences between men and women, by Lonnie Bruner. Vending Machine: 1, Leon: 0. Very good writing by Yeah … I Said It. Love and hate in DC by Neurotic in Ashburn. Amusing list. The French do everything tastier or the story of Plumpy’nut by Lost In Somewhereistan. A recommendation by Stef at The View from 16th Street Drive With Care, about the sign in memory of Officer Joe Pozell. Writes Where is My Mind : How fitting, I thought and teared up, remembering the man who died while trying to help people like me make it through the intersection of Wisconsin and M safely. Burlesque audiences just keep getting sexier. Photos from Lolita & Gilda’s Burlesque Poetry Hour. Photo: dcblogs on tour in San Francisco.