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PSA time: hunger is a serious problem, especially in a bad economy like this one. Caffeine and a Prayer describes a tour of the Capital Area Food Bank and gives a ton of ways to help local families get fed.

Life in Arlington, where yours truly lays her head at night, is always an adventure when it comes to municipal governance. The Green Miles plumbs the depths of the not-always-consistent attitude of Arlingtonians and zoning laws.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll do a little double-take when you read the title of this post, but it is not at all what you think. Where the Girls Go details a week of events designed to bring awareness to nutrition, sustainability, the politics of food and a ton of related issues.

Scary Mommy gives us a guest post about the little white lies our parents told us when we were kids, and why they’re really signs of why our parents love us.

WashingTina shares a beautiful story of independence on DC Emancipation Day.

I always get called an “old soul.” It’s something I’m kinda proud of, and I’m not alone in that. The Gold Puppy ruminates on the term, and comes to some pretty great conclusions about it.

“Having a baby is impossible.” With detailed, brutal and beautifully written honesty, Velvet in Dupont breaks down her struggles with fertility.

I have previously complained about the excessive fetishization of bacon that runs like a river through pop culture today. But that doesn’t mean I oppose all instances of bacon. This week’s pretty picture of food/killer recipe combo from the fine folks at Eat More Drink More is a perfect use of bacon that doesn’t involve its elevation to icon status. I salute y’all for that.



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