DC Blogs Noted

Vox Populi reports that Georgetown University will be hosting Wikimania 2012.

According to Congress Heights on the Rise shoddy construction, poor condo association management east of the river have combined to convert new homeowner honeymoons into nightmares.

Filed under Things-I-Really-Didn’t-Need-to-Know: Candid Fitnut shares the discovery of Flatulence Reducing Undergarments.

Cupcakes and Whiskey can do without your over-sharing, thank you very much.

It seems that entering the third decade is at least as much a right of passage as complaining about turning 30. Everyone I Know is Ridiculous writes about the melancholy of entering the “very, very, very, very late 20s.”

Metro-Venture is a procedural blog that chronicles the effort to see as many metro stations and bus routes as possible. The author takes us for the ride along one of the more difficult bus routes in the city – the B2, Bladensburg Road to Anacostia.



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