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Happy Earth Day! French Twist DC has the low-down on ways to commemorate and celebrate.

This week’s pretty pictures of food come with a spring-themed twist: MetroCurean brings us homemade Peeps at Buzz Bakery. Though I’m not a huge fan of eating them, I never, ever get tired of looking at them.

I’m still a little jazzed over the Capitals’ thrilling double-overtime win Wednesday night in New York. But I never thought of the game quite like this. Thankfully, we have Puck Buddys to bring us the quantum theory of playoff hockey.

Part of the fun (and one of the hazards) of living here is that sometimes we are forced… er, privileged to entertain out-of-towners. They all want to see the sights, and sometimes, we’re so used to the monuments that we’re just not the best tour guides. Eat, Run, Read has rounded up some fun facts about the monuments that you can drop on your astounded friends and family.

You learn something new every single day in this life. Today, the new thing I learned, courtesy of Princess Sparkle Pony’s Photo Blog, is that we don’t know Leonardo well enough to call him “da Vinci.”

Looks like I’m not the only one who’s less than thrilled with the whole cupcake trend. There’s quite a storm brewing over sidewalk space in Bethesda Row, and it’s all because of cupcakes. Read more at The Georgetown Dish.

We have world-class research universities all around us, and sometimes they do research that involves participation. Cootie Chronicles details a day with her child and some eager grad students. Kids are the best guinea pigs, eh?



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