DC Blogs Noted

I Am David Gaines ponders the increasing presence of technology in the work place, and the marketing ploys of Google that will get us all hooked on G-mail.

One of the many great things about D.C. is the many museums and a galleries we have access to. Painterly Visions has a list of Georgetown Galleries for the art lovers to scope out.

“Man Boobs” or “Moobs” are an affliction which many men try to combat. SemiCharmed Wife has a battle plan that’s really quite simple.

Yeah… I Said It discusses Tyler Perry’s movies, and Tyler Perry him/herself, in a post appropriately titled “DIARY OF A 6-FOOT TALL BLACK MAN DRESSED UP LIKE A MAD BLACK WOMAN“.

What did you do for Earth Day (last Friday, 4/22)? Was it a regular day for you, or did you do something special? I Drank What? recounts her day, in which she got down and dirty.

Hilarity in Shoes gives us a peek at her former life, and the after hours adventures she had after college.



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