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Each Memorial Day Weekend, DC is home to “Rolling Thunder“, which is a motorcycle event for Veterans. One Photograph A Day shares the spirit of the ride with this photo by Luis Gomez.

Though DCers have a plethora of public transportation to chose from, some do of us still own our own cars. Check out this infographic about battery care and life, via All Life is Local

At first, I thought this blog about folding fitted sheets by Sallying was a joke, because when I clicked the link, it brought up a blank page. Perhaps the blogger is saying that there really is no way to fold a fitted sheet? …However, after a moment, I realized what I thought the title of the post was actually a link. So, she did, in fact, provide the answer to the age old question of how in the heck you’re supposed to fold one of those things.

Candy Sandwich reviews The Hangover, Part II which opened last Friday.

At first glance, a recipe entitled “Lime Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookies” doesn’t sound appealing. District Chocoholic takes the plunge and tries the recipe out for us, and the results look good enough to eat.

Mirth, Musings & More takes a tongue-in-cheek look at creationism with a post about God, Noah, and the blue prints for Elephants.



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