DC Blogs Noted:

Apple’s new MacBook gets an entertaining assessment by The Imbroglio, who writes that the name “is awful awful awful,” but the black version of it “is out of the ballpark cool.” This blog was formerly known as Ambivalent Imbroglio. It’s a new link. The reason for the name change: It became a lot more about law school than I anticipated, and now that law school is over… DC’s Best Chef: Orlando of Mark and Orlando’s, a one year old restaurant at 20th and P. Writes DC’s Legal Beagle: They visited us a number of times to ensure that we all were having a great dinning experience, cracking jokes with us and making us feel right at home. When was the last time that’s happened in DC? The Blah Blah Blog is invited to signing ceremony for the new tax bill. The official invite is reproduced. She didn’t go. Jessa, a popular DC blogger despite moving to Philadelphia, is shutting down her blog. It was due to be close today by noon so the link may not work. The reasons aren’t clear but seem complicated. But to give some idea about how popular her blog is, a major blog, Blogebrity, wrote a tribute. Our best to Jessa. Hopefully she will soon be blogging again. DC Pussycat Doll writes: How many times have you received an email where you judged the person’s tone to be curt? A link to a Christian Science Monitor article about why emails are easily misunderstood. — Cube recommendation. Will return Monday. Travel and other distractions are keeping this post short. Thank you for visiting. Photo is in iPod land. Visit dcblogs.com/live for the latest