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The past few days have felt like summer in DC. Lagniappe agrees and shares some of her summer memories.

As someone who shares the same name as Catherine Elizabeth Middleton (I am Kathryn Elizabeth) I have been following all of the excitement leading up to the royal wedding, and so has WashingTina.

Heather Elliott share a first hand report of the recent chaos at the National Zoo.

So, the wedding attire is supposed to be all about the bride.  And groom.  And bridesmaids.  But for the rest of it, its about, well, us.  And what we decided to wear as guests of the wedding.  No Pasa Nada shares with us what she wore to weddings this season.

If you see something, say something turns his basement into a liveable apartment. Kitchen by Ikea. Outcome: Satisfaction. Photo.



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