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To lead off, a favor. My home state of Alabama took a savage beating from those deadly tornadoes on Wednesday. There’s a fundraiser tomorrow night at Gin & Tonic in Glover Park starting at 9:00 PM. Please go if you can, give some money, and help a whole bunch of people in desperate need. And if you can’t, please donate to the Red Cross. My home state thanks you, as do I. Now, on with the show…

I have to share this one strictly for the fact that it made me laugh out loud on the Metro while reading, causing everyone in the car to look at me like I had six heads. It was worth it. Here’s what happens when a music critic participates in Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day, courtesy of TBDArts.

Pretty pictures of crazy decadent food! Fifthfloorkitchen’s Blog brings you Caramel, Pretzel and Nutella Bars. I’m so making those this weekend.

Though I, like a lot of DC folks, do enjoy a round of yoga now and then, I have yet to experience the Bikram phenomenon. I’ve heard that it’s not for the faint of heart, and that it takes some getting used to. Over at fANNEtastic food, read the story of our heroine’s rematch with the demanding discipline.

Training a lizard? Sounds weird, but maybe not. Hound and the Found tells us how training a lizard can lead to some great strategies for training your dog.

By the time most of you see this, the happy royals will no doubt be married off. I plan to celebrate the occasion the same way I celebrated the last royal wedding, during which I was three months old (lord, I’m old): sleeping like a baby. However, Busy Black Woman has a fantastic meditation on the Royal Wedding, comparing it to another piece of “deep-fried ostentatiousness“: fried chicken.

And finally, I have a new favorite Internet toy, way better than a keyboard-playing cat or a teenager who can’t decide where to sit in a car. For those who haven’t had the privilege, I happily bring you a write-up of the decidedly NSFW How F—ed is Metro? Malnurtured Snay, send us out in style this weekend!



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