DC Blogs Noted

There were a plethora of tweets, blogs, and statuses about the recent capture and death of Osama Bin Laden.   A few of the blogs that caught my eye were Beyond D.C.‘s photos from the Pennsylvania Avenue celebration, Liz in Law School‘s thank you.  Always a Drunk, Never a Bride‘s yay,  The Dithering of a District Diva‘s surprise to see so many negative responses to people celebrating,  The Green Mile‘s reaction the news ticker, and Style Redux‘s echo of what is now the most famous line of this entire affair.

Alice’s Adventures Underground discusses Martin Luther King‘s most famous speech, and the profound effect it has, even now, almost 50 years later

The unconscious band name search is over! Rude Cactus dishes out a little whimsy for his readers, and a cute snap of his cute kids.

If you’re planning on taking a trek out in to the woods, you may want to stop by The Natural Capital‘s blog first and read this post about wild edibles.

Everyone I Know is Ridiculous recounts a date with a beautiful man, and how on occasion, good looks can be hazardous to your health.



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