DC Blogs Noted

Elegant Living, Savage Death. Who Murdered Robert Wone. The blog that has long followed this case finally got an inside look at the house where Mr. Wone was murdered. The Dupont neighborhood property is for sale at $1.6 million.

Baseball writer Chris Haft pens a nice a piece about his walk to the White House to mark the death of Osama Bin Laden. Half-Baked Ideas.

Flip Flop Fiasco on the Metro. Absurd Reality.

Sign the petition: Don’t Let Solar Die in DC. (It’s the least one can do to take a stand on climate change, since Congress has completely shut down on this on issue, even as the arctic cap continues to melt away. Fight back against the deniers and lobbyists. See this disturbing chart for a sense of just where things are going.) Solar Power in DC

New Columbia Heights discusses the problems with Capital Bikeshare, namely no empty spots, no bikes.

Street Art Returning to the Area. Photo. Park View, DC.



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