DC Blogs Noted

What’s in a Name Love and Haterade The boy is named Vishnu because his father loves Indian culture, something our writer discovers while in the aisle of a CVS. This chance meeting sets the stage for the cross-cultural observations that follow. It’s an engaging piece. An excerpt:

Only, he wasn’t Indian and I wasn’t exchanging anything. I was looking for Stouffer’s Macaroni & Cheese and he was looking for enlightenment.

My First Biopsy This is by us A lump in the breast leads to biopsy, and our writer gives a clear eyed and very readable accounting of the experience. (This is by us is a new group blog). An excerpt:

Like so many people I’ve spoken to since this all began, I wasn’t sure exactly what I should be looking for while cupped, sloshed, and massaged my mammaries. But, when I absently put my hand across my left breast, I suddenly knew what medical professionals meant by “abnormal” and “suspicious.”

I have bangs and I wear dresses Jessaisms Jessa, a popular DC blogger, lost her job because of her blog. She wrote about her work and her life with enthusiasm, humor, love and obvious passion. How many people do you work with have those qualities? Jessa explains what happened in a Metafilter post. Among those writing about Jessa and her blog are DC Bachelor and The Gentlemen of the CPMC. This is what Jessa says about herself in the About Me section of Blogger:

I have bangs and i wear dresses. i’m a marine zoologist who gets to do all sorts of amazing things at an aquarium that would make you very jealous. marine conservation is my undying passion. i got fired from a museum in Philly because of this blog. it’s being deconstructed. its impossible to sum up my personality with trite lyrics and broad generalizations like…”i love music!!” because…no one hates music, that is junk politics, sell yourself with pretty pictures, because everybody could be make believe.

Also Noted: Kultura Books closes and moves to LA, to the dismay of Countersignature, who provides a guide to other used book stores in the city. He writes: Used book stores are so important to a city’s character; intellectual tourists will come to a city and make it a point of stopping by the bookstores, new and used. John at the DC Birding Blog is skeptical about EPA claims that a release of 17 million gallons of untreated sewage in the Potomac this weekend will cause minimal damage. A new blog called Creative DC has three goals, including: Help inspire DC residents who haven’t yet tapped into a creative community here. A self-described “dork” or programmer/analyst for the government, has gone from being a lurker to blogger and introduces himself in this post. One topic of interest is diabetes, which he has had since the age of 5. The blog, Parenthetic. Please see dcblogs.com/live for the latest