DC Blogs Noted

How the wrong order at a restaurant became dinner for someone else. Summer House Days.

This writer, after refusing, some years ago, to rent an apartment in Petworth, goes back for a second look at the neighborhood. Metro-Venture.

On Going From Top Chef to Good Stuff. People’s District.

Home Break-in Thwarted by Alert Neighbor in Bloomingdale. A post that reprints a local PD listserv report. All Life iS Local.

Interesting blog post about The Dating Game: How to look the part. One striking observation: When asked if DC was a fashionable city, the most common response was “no way.” One woman responded that most people “look like a box.” The Talking Bread.

The view from New York about DC’s just opened Shake Shack. The Village Voice. CityZen has more.



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